• Gener:
  • Release Date: 22 June, 2015
  • Label : Dichotomic

If you’re a breaks fan, then chances are you already know the name of Alexic Rod aka Colombo. Well, much like the best producers do, Rod is a chameleonic character when it comes to shifting from one genre to another, and so it is here that he moves towards more tech and deep house planes.

Having wowed clubs the world over with his intricate take on the breaks genre, all things would seem to suggest that he’s about to do the same with his new found sound. All of this comes to a head on the recently established Dichotomic Records, for whom this one marks the first release on the label, one that’s been set up by the crew behind the iBreaks imprint. Anyway, on to the music, and this really is an interesting little proposition.

Title track ‘Incoming’ is a lithe and snaky piece of deep tech that really gets under the skin, whereas the B-side to it all, Progress, is suitably enough, an auspicious sounding track that makes use of a wonderfully catchy baseline that shines off with a distinctly ravey vibe.

Top draw stuff this from the Dichotomic label.