The Dichotomic label is a brand new outlet for club ready sounds, and now it turns to label boss Deeplastik for a new EP that is wholly essential thanks to one great original and two hot remixes from Alexic Rod and SICHI.

Deeplastik has been making music for years under a number of different names and is a skilled guitarist and renowned jazz musician. He has spent time working as a health manager in Canary Islands (Spain), and now spends time helping people in the underdeveloped world to improve their quality of life.

This, as well as making great music and raising funds via his AMHRecords project. It’s a record label belonging to the area of culture/music of the non profit organization ARMONY, and gives its profits to the general funds of this NGO.

The original he serves up here, ‘CrossRoad’, is a deep, moody bit of house music that really sucks you in. It has spoken word vocals by Dark Overdose, loose limbed basslines and plenty of lush, uplifting pads all adding real emotion to the slick groove. It’s a driving track that takes you to another world and is sure to be huge this summer.

Underground music lover and label partner SICHI steps up to remix and in doing so turns out an expertly reduced track full of tech-ideals, trip synths and unusual sounds that all seep into your mind, body and soul.

Finally, Alexic Rod also remixes. His version layers in more glowing pads, leaves the original vocal, and adds suspense with a clever use of filters and a monstrous bassline. Release date: 1st Sept 2015