• Gener:
  • Release Date: 02 November, 2015
  • Label : Dichotomic

Dichotomic keep up their busy and excellent release schedule with a new track from SICHI featuring a remix from Alexic Rod.

SICHI is JMekka, who has been producing broken beats for 15 years and also heads up his own Dichotomic Records and iBreaks Records. Here he explores a fresh tech house sound that fits in perfectly with the newly founded label’s output.

I Got Soul is the one original and is a bubbling, deep and moody bit of tech house with soulful pads wallowing in the distance, blurts of colour and well treated, classic vocal samples all stitched into the groove. It is a patient slow burner and is sure to get the floor marching to its beat.

Alexic Rod remixes and does so with a slightly more energetic vibe. His drums hit that bit firmer and there is more pressure in the synths as they ride up and away. It is a tense, expensive track that is more for the peak time than the equally brilliant original. Once again here Dichotomic serve up a fresh track from a fresh artist.